Raymond Weil
Timelapse Video


This is an example of Digital Signage, which can be used vertically or horizontally. The watch was shot in front of a chroma key background. The camera was set to record one frame of video every minute. With this setting it would capture every movement of the minute hand of the watch. This required a recording time of over twelve hours, from 12 o'clock to 12 o'clock, so that the shot could be looped to represent 24 hours if needed. The clouds were shot at a frame rate of one frame of video every minute. The text was super-imposed with with a slight motion effect added.


NSPI Logo Animation

This animation was produced for the National Spa and Pool Institute.

The water was shot with a star filter and then color-corrected to increase the amount of blue. Originally, the water was a very dull green color.

The elements of the animation were extracted from an Adobe Illustrator file. The 3D Extrusion and animation effects were created in Boris Red.


Turner NetworksTurner Networks

I edited this for Turner Networks to be shown on a video wall at the National Cable Convention.

There were source tapes from every one of their networks.

Every video clip on every edit-master source tape had to have identical time-code so that when the video tapes were played back on the video wall everything was in sync.